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Are you up to pitch your predictions and compete with your friends, co-workers or family members? You're at the right place, Tipper is the perfect solution for that.

  • No more pain in organizing a score prediction game
  • This is the end of twiddleing width Excel files
  • No wasting time gathering predictions
  • The stress of having to send your predictions by rounds doesn't haunt you anymore
  • Zero administration of user scores
  • No rigid calculation system for user scores
  • It's only the fun part that's left
  • Available 24/7 online comfortably even on portable devices
  • You can pitch your prediction easily even a minute before the kick-off
  • Live user scores and stats
  • Inviting new players and managing your groups has never been easier
  • The scoring logic of your group is highly customizable
Easy-to-use and available from wherever you'd like
Updating user scores needs no administration
Managing your groups is a piece of cake
Pitch your predictions even a minute before kick-off

Got invited?

  1. Register / Sign in
    • Have you received an invitation through Facebook?
      Sign in with your Facebook account and become member of the group immediately
    • Have you received a link?
      Join using the provided URL with your Facebook account or Disqus account or your email address
  2. After signing in you can instantly begin pitching your predictions
    The groups which you have been invited to will be automatically added to your profile

Wanna set up a group?

  1. Register / Sign in
    painlessly using your Facebook account or Disqus account or your email address
  2. Create a group
    Following a few easy steps - setting and fine tuning - you can easily create either closed or private groups
  3. Invite new members
    Find new members among your Facebook friends or simply send your invitation to their email address.
  4. Pitch your predictions!
    Let the game begin!

Wanna just play?

  1. Register / Sign in
    using your Facebook account or Disqus account or your email address
  2. Ask your friends to invite you or join an open group
    You can ask your friends organizing a game to invite you to join in, or you can choose to become a member of any open group!
  3. Are you a group member? Pitch your predictions!
    You can be a member of multiple groups and pitch your predictions (different scorelines in each group, if you wish)

Wanna join the fun?


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