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Exact Scoreline
Goal Difference
Goals scored by One team
Goals Total
Reverse Goal Difference

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Ez egy egyszer? Bundesliga


Exact scoreline
Predicting the final result of the regular game time perfectly
10 p
Goal difference
Correctly predicting the difference of the goals scored by the teams (when also predicting the outcome correctly)
6 p
Predicting the winning team or draw correctly
4 p
Goals scored by one of the teams
Correctly predicting the number of goals scored by one of the teams
3 p
Total of goals scored
Correctly predicting the total number of goals scored by the teams combined
2 p
Reverse goal difference
When the predicted goal difference is the exact opposite of the actual goal difference and the outcome is not a draw (eg the match ends with a 3:1 scoreline and you predicted a 0:2 result)
1 p
Predicting the winning team of the competition correctly100 p
Predicting the top scorer of the competition correctly100 p
Subscores of correctly pitched scoring factors add up. The highest score for a single match is 25 points Learn more here
1 BVB14113039:1436
2 BMG1492333:1629
3 FCB1483328:1827
4 RBL1474324:1325
5 SGE1472530:1723
6 BSC1465322:2023
7 TSG1464430:2122
8 SVW1463524:2321
9 WOB1454520:2019
10 M051454513:1519
11 B041453620:2518
12 SCF1445519:2217
13 S041442815:2014
14 FCA1434720:2313
15 VfB143299:2911
16 FCN1425714:3311
17 H961424816:2910
18 F951423914:329


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