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Tipper is a super easy-to-use football scoreline prediction platform which was designed to replace the traditional – Excel based and alike - result guessing games. Play it with your friends, with your colleagues or within an open group, Tipper provides a 21st century solution!

How to join?

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      Join using the provided URL with your Facebook account or Disqus account or your email address
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    The groups which you have been invited to will be automatically added to your profile

Wanna set up a group?

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  2. Create a group
    Following a few easy steps - setting and fine tuning - you can easily create either closed or private groups
  3. Invite new members
    Find new members among your Facebook friends or simply send your invitation to their email address.
  4. Pitch your predictions!
    Let the game begin!

Wanna just play?

  1. Register / Sign in
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  2. Ask your friends to invite you or join an open group
    You can ask your friends organizing a game to invite you to join in, or you can choose to become a member of any open group!
  3. Are you a group member? Pitch your predictions!
    You can be a member of multiple groups and pitch your predictions (different scorelines in each group, if you wish)


Tipper is based on group game experience; you can pitch your predictions as a member of a group. The results and current standings are displayed on each group's site. The group's administrator is responsible for operating the group and setting up the rules. Prizing is always optional and it is the sole responsibility of the group members.

Tipper allows users to play in two type of groups:

Private GRoups

Members can only join private groups through invitation. Among many others, private groups provide ideal game experience for group of friends, family members, co-workers and schoolmates. The results and comments can be seen only by the members of the given group; membership access is managed by the administrator. 

Public groups

Public groups welcome everyone and they appear in the searching results for all users. Open groups can be useful in case of organizing and managing games for bigger communities. The results and comments can be seen by all users, even non-group members. The open group's administrator holds the right to exclude members from the group. 

How to pitch your predictions? 

It has never been this easy to pitch your predictions. After signing into your group, you can pitch your prediction regarding the given match even a minute before the kick-off. 

On the group's page you can see the matches listed by game day and kick-off time; this way you are up-to-date which games have to be predicted next. To pitch your prediction, simply fill in the home and away teams' result input fields, and the system saves your prediction (you will receive a confirmation in the match's header).

The pitched predictions - according to the traditions - concern only the matches' regular game time (90 minutes plus stoppage time). The two times 15 minutes extra time and penalty shootouts are excluded. 

The competition

After each match the system automatically refreshes the results, and the scoring tables of every group get updated displaying the current standing. Following the kick-off of each match, all predictions (regarding the given match) become visible for all members as well as the points received according to the rules to score. 

Rules to score

The system awards points to group members according to the set rules to score. The system considers the following factors to calculate the users’ score:

  • Exact scoreline (10p*)
  • Goal difference (6p*)
  • Outcome - winning team / draw - gy?ztes/döntetlen (4p*)
  • Number of goals scored by one of the teams (3p*)
  • Total number of goals scored by the teams combined (2p*)
  • Reverse goal difference - does not count in case of a draw  (1p*)

* These are the scoring rules set by default. The administrators of each group have the permission to modify the rules to score. 

The set rules to score determine the amount of points each member receive after each match. In each group, the administrator has the permission to customize the rules to score. To check the scoring rules for your group see the Description menu in the group. Depending on the set rules to score, it is possible that you receive 0 points for certain factors mentioned above (for example the given group's rules to score could award 0 points for 'Reverse scoreline' or you could set the group’s scoring rules in a way that only Outcome scores points, etc.). 

The group administrators can also set, whether the points scored after a given match should be accumulated or not:

  • According to the default rules to score (Accumulate scoring factors: Yes), the subscores for all correctly pitched scoring factors will be added up. For example, in case of predicting the exact scoreline correctly, the system adds up all the subscores of the above mentioned scoring factors except the 'Reverse scoreline' points (see detailed explanation below).
  • In the case of opposite setting (Accumulate scoring factors: No) the members of the group - according to the set rules to score - will be awarded with the score of the single highest correctly predicted scoring factor. For example, in the case of predicting the exact scoreline correctly, the points received will be equal with the points set in the scoring rules for 'Exact scoreline' (if Exact scoreline is set to be the highest scoring factor).

Also, the rules to score can be set to award double points for matches in the play-off rounds (following the group stage). 

How do you gain points? (In case of scoring factor accumulation)

Below you can find examples on how the points are awarded when the default set rules to score are in effect. After the final whistle of each match, the predictions pitched are displayed in the upper row, and the actual result of the match should be highlighted below. 

You predicted the exact scoreline correctly:
'Exact scoreline' (10p) + 'Goal difference' (6p) + 'Outcome' (4p) + 'Goals scored by one of the teams' (3p) + 'Total goals scored' (2p) = 25p

The pitched prediction matched none of the scoring factors = 0p

Outcome = 4p:
You predicted the winner of the match, but guessed incorrect the 'Goal difference', the 'Goals scored by one of the teams' and the 'Total goals scored' 

Reverse goal difference = 1p:
You predicted the exact scoreline to be 3-4, meaning a -1 goal difference from Belgium's point of view. The result of the match was 2-1, which is a +1 goal difference from Belgium's point of view, so you are awarded 1 point for ‘Reverse goal difference' (you did not predict right the number of goals scored by either team nor the goals total). 

Correctly predicted draw (but the exact scoreline is incorrect):
In this case the ‘Reverse goal difference' does not count. ' Goal difference' (6p) + ‘Outcome’ (4p) = 10p

You predicted the outcome and one team's goals correctly:
You correctly predicted Albania to win the match and also, that Switzerland will score 0 goals. 'Outcome' (4p) + 'Goals scored by one of the teams' (3p) = 7p

Goal difference:
You predicted the exact scoreline to be 5-4, the match ended 2-1. You correctly predicted France to win and you also got the goal difference right. 'Goal difference' (6p) + ‘Outcome’ (4p) = 10p

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