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Hadji Mekerrmi

Score table

Exact Scoreline
Goal Difference
Goals scored by One team
Goals Total
Reverse Goal Difference


Exact scoreline
Predicting the final result of the regular game time perfectly
10 p
Goal difference
Correctly predicting the difference of the goals scored by the teams (when also predicting the outcome correctly)
6 p
Predicting the winning team or draw correctly
4 p
Goals scored by one of the teams
Correctly predicting the number of goals scored by one of the teams
3 p
Total of goals scored
Correctly predicting the total number of goals scored by the teams combined
2 p
Reverse goal difference
When the predicted goal difference is the exact opposite of the actual goal difference and the outcome is not a draw (eg the match ends with a 3:1 scoreline and you predicted a 0:2 result)
1 p
Predicting the winning team of the competition correctly100 p
Predicting the top scorer of the competition correctly100 p
Subscores of correctly pitched scoring factors add up. The highest score for a single match is 25 points Learn more here
1 FCB1594241:1931
2 SCF1584327:1628
3 ATM1577121:1028
4 RMA1582523:1926
5 ALV1573518:1724
6 LEV1564527:2522
7 RBB1564516:1722
8 ESP1563617:2021
9 GET1556416:1221
10 GIR1456317:1621
11 CEL1555528:2420
12 RVA1555513:1520
13 RSO1554618:1819
14 EIB1554619:2319
15 VCF1539312:1218
16 LEG1545615:1917
17 VIL1535715:1914
18 ATH1418514:2311
19 RVM1524915:3010
20 HUE15141012:307


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